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SolarPV.TV:  From Startup to LeaderSolarPV.TV:  From Startup to Leader
SolarPV.TV: From Startup to Leader
Full Overhaul

SolarPV TV vision was to become the world’s leading online video news source and voice for the solar industry. Through their online platform their aim was to  provide current news and educational information to the solar industry, but also spread its message worldwide. More than just being an information provider, SolarPV.TV aimed to unite all solar advocates and create a lasting movement of spreading the solar message to the general population.

As a small startup from Belgium with big ideas and few resources, SolarPV.TV faced many challenges, including basics such as branding and professional marketing materials. They were producing low quality videos, and only had 1 semi-professional videographer covering only the European market. Their lack of human and financial resources made it challenging for them to grow and enter new markets.  While trying to enter the US market their challenge was working with a remote team that would understand their mission and vision and produce high quality videos, while building relationships with leaders and Executives from some of the biggest solar companies. As a small startup with big dreams, SolarPV.TV needed a solid and professional brand image, effective and efficient strategies, a reliable and dedicated team, and a large network of industry’s leading professionals and influencers.

We stepped in offering a fresh look and our expertise to help SolarPV.TV reach their vision, building it from ground up. Once we analyzed the business model and familiarized ourselves in “then new” to us industry, we came up with a comprehensive roadmap which focused on producing a higher quality content, re-branding, creating high-demand new products and formulating the strategy for global outreach.


SolarPV TV vision was to become the world’s leading online video news source and voice for the solar industry. Through their online platform their aim was to  provide current news and educational information to the solar industry, but also spread its message worldwide. More than just being an information provider, SolarPV.TV aimed to unite all solar advocates and create a lasting movement of spreading the solar message to the general population.

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Case study
"1440 Countdown" Documentary Short
TheatreWorks Silicon Valley.

Documentary short on TheatreWorks' 1440 Countdown program where middle and high school students write, create and perform an original play in 24 hours.


TheatreWorks, Silicon Valley’s leading professional nonprofit theater company, wanted to create a mini documentary for their 1440 Countdown program, which gave students 24 hours to write, create and perform an original play based on a specific prop.

TheatreWorks had specific challenges marketing the 1440 Countdown  program, including difficulty to articulate the program. It was hard for them to get grants and corporate funding, which they heavily relied on. The program was missing an online presence and TheatreWorks wanted an effective way to easily share it with its network. Realizing that words could do no justice to describe the uniqueness and benefits of the program - Theatrework realized they needed to utilize video.

The organization hired us to document the program and conduct interviews with teachers, mentors, judges, parents and students. Despite the short time frame and budget constraints, as well as the unpredictable nature of documentary filming, especially with young subjects, our 4 person crew was able to create an exciting story, showing this journey through students’ eyes, while depicting the indispensable qualities of the program.

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
Art & EntertainmentDocumentaryVideo

TheatreWorks, Silicon Valley’s leading professional nonprofit theater company, inspires and promotes education in and through the arts within their many programs, including the "1440 Countdown" youth program where middle and high school students write, create and perform an original play within 24 hours.

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Case study
Dina Bedenko
Art & EntertainmentVideo

Ambiart is a short art film about ambidexterity. Artistic expressions, performed by Dina Bedenko, demonstrate the variety of techniques that create captivating visuals and bring forward the message of importance of developing ambidexterity in individuals. Balancing our brain's hemispheres has profound effects on how we perceive and perform.


Director / Cinematographer / Post-production: Dmytro Bershadskyy (

Director of Photography: Chris Patterson (

Music: Chamsdine Ben Geloune (

Styling: Dasha Livshits

Corporate Profile

PanelClaw provides solar mounting solutions for commercial roof mount and ground mount photovoltaic projects. White Gorilla Media created a series of videos for PanelClaw including Corporate Profile video, 3 installation videos and 3 product videos.

Solar Future Today
Awareness Campaign
AnimationBrandingSustainability is a worldwide solar awareness campaign, that unites business, scientific, technology, architecture, cinema, music, athletic, educational and philanthropic leaders with youth and society around the world, focused on the accelerated growth of solar as a mainstream energy source.

KettleFlex Fitness
Promotional video
Art & EntertainmentStartupsVideo

A promotional and inspirational video for a new gym in San Diego, specializing in a variety of workouts, including kettle bells.


SolarPV TV
Logo Reveal

SolarPV.TV logo reveal. 3D modeling, animation and compositing, created by White Gorilla Media.

Logo Design
Oxygen Solar

Logo was designed for solar energy equipment manufacturer. It represents the oxygen molecule and forms the symbolic sun. At the same time, the two circles intersect in a sacred ratio of vesica piscis, which is present in nature - from microcosm to macrocosm.

Healthier4U Vending
Franchise Business Opportunity

This video was produced for Las Vegas based franchise Healthier4U Vending. SurrealSD, White Gorilla Media and Refraction Film worked tirelessly to turn this project around in under 1 week - from the first client call to project launch.

Evolution Algae
Logo Design

This logo was designed for biofuel producer. It incorporates the Golden Ratio, also known as Fibonacci Spiral, which represents growth and evolution. This ratio is found everywhere in the nature - from spider web, to human body, to Milky Way galaxy. It describes the foundation of life here on Earth and has been used by artists as inspiration and a perfect measure, since the earliest days of art.

Simon Says Coffee Shop
Launch Video

Simon Says Coffee is a small coffee shop located downtown San Diego. We created this commercial based on a script from Simon Says to showcase the coffee shop culture they strive to promote, which is - Always get your coffee with a smile!


Director/Producer: Tarek Albaba (
Director of Photography: Chris Patterson (
Post-production: Dmytro Berchadskyy, Dmytro Rybak, Oleg Smykalov (

One Resonance Sensors
Product Videos

White Gorilla Media produced 2 product videos for One Resonance Sensors. The company specializes in developing next-generation Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrumentation. Mobilab BLS employs game-changing screening technology for liquid explosives and other hazards. Mobilab 130 Elemental Analyzer is a portable device for high quality, rapid measurement of elements in solution from ppm to saturation.

Lumberjack Love

Congrats is a free video greeting app created to challenge the status quo of the greeting card industry while making earth smile. We had a lot of fun creating the promo video for them!

Direct Lynx
DL643 Trade Show Video

The DL643 delivers full event reporting and complete end to end signal verification directly to a central station of your choice. Compatible with virtually any security panel and GSM network, the DL643 is the best choice for low cost wireless alarm reporting. The DL643 is a multipurpose device with security installers in mind, its flexible programming and features help cut down on cost and installation time.

Dancefloor Hollow
Art & EntertainmentVideo

The Garden of Eden is revisited in Phaero's latest music video.


Artist / Art Director: Michael Ahmad
Director / Cinematographer / Post-production: Dmytro Bershadskyy
Director of Photography: Chris Patterson
Co-Director: Tarek Albaba
Production Manager: Adisa Ziric

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Animation Video

Animated promotional video created for Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute to explain the Cradle to Cradle product life cycle. Conceptualization, script development, and motion graphics were created by White Gorilla Media.

Worldbeat Center
Bob Marley Day Legends Animation
AnimationArt & Entertainment

We created motion graphics for the largest annual Reggae festival in San Diego.


Apply creative intelligence to your online presence and marketing pieces to power your brand with beauty. From websites to print collateral, we use forward-thinking design principles and best practices to convey your messages and make an immediate visual impact.


Video content is the king of the jungle. Using professional cinematography skills and digital tools, we go beyond, capturing the essence of your messages and creating a deeper, more valuable experience for any viewer.


Before making our move, we watch and learn. With careful listening and steady perception, we study how you exist in your environment.


We begin to put our instincts to use, seeking inspiration and strategically conceptualizing a plan for your survival in the media jungle.


We create diligently, staying in motion and using our skills to craft your world of multi-media content.


We refine to perfection, fixating on your project until you feel you stand out like a White Gorilla.

Our Tribe

We support you with our hand-selected, intimate troop of professional artists, united by a heritage of exceptional ability and an infinite loyalty to you, our projects and each other.

Adisa is passionate about sustainable businesses that make a difference in their communities. She has an MBA with an emphasis on sustainable management and her role is crucial in business development, operations and the client relations process. Besides helping us run everything smoothly at WGM, she enjoys dancing and great music, yoga, food, wine and travel. She is also a leather crafts-lady and owner of Leather Luscious - handmade one-of-a-kind leather creations in San Diego.
Chief Alchemyst
Dmytro's experience and vast skills are at the core of every project. As a project manager and creative director, with 17 years of experience in media industry, he leads every project from concept to completion. Dmytro's ability to visualize the big picture makes him an indispensable resource to bringing every project to life.
Lead Video Editor
Andrii started his film editing career back in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence TV-Studio. Since then he had worked on major Ukrainian TV-Channels such as 1+1, Novy and STB. He had edited prime-time TV-shows such as “The Voice”, “Revizor”, “Inspector Freimut”, etc. He had won a Teletriumph Award (the Ukrainian counterpart to the Emmy). He is trying to achieve perfection in everything that he does. Besides editing he loves snowboarding, cinema and books.
Tarek is a passionate and determined filmmaker, he is also an avid surfer and loves to travel. He brings experience, dedication and a fresh approach to every production he works on. Shortly after receiving a degree in video and film productions, Tarek worked on many shows and feature length films. Over the past 14 years he has worked on: SEABISCUIT, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (TV), VERONICA MARS, WATCH OVER ME, SAINTS AND SINNERS, HEIRESS, WE GOT NEXT, WICKED WICKED GAMES, SEMI-PRO, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, HOLE IN ONE, THE LAST REEF, GIANT SHARK 3D, THE DEADLIEST CATCH, BERING SEA GOLD and STOP LOSS. Applying what he learned from the studio productions, Tarek went on to direct and produce various music videos, commercials and short documentaries. Currently, Tarek is in development with two feature films, and a feature documentary.
Director of Photography
Chris Patterson is a cinematographer based out of San Diego, CA. He has been shooting film, video and digital media professionally for over a decade. Chris's passion for the field began through filming snowboarding in Aspen, CO back in the early 90's. Since then he has made it his career, shooting for several different production companies up and down the west coast including his own company, Refraction Film. He has a unique eye for capturing extraordinary images. Chris holds his union card with the IATSE 728 studio lighting technicians based out of Hollywood, CA and had this to say about his experience working in 728. "I have learned from the best how to use light for more than just an exposure. To me lighting is one of the most important parts of cinematography, after all it is lights, then camera."
Lead Animator
Web Project Manager
Mike brings over 10 years of web project management with him to the White Gorilla team. He has lead an innovative SaaS company, and overseen dozens of web and software projects from the idea phase through successful launch and growth.
Oleg's past work experience originates in creating graphics content for TV and music videos, including shows like Gotham, Lucifer, Lethal Weapon and Minority Report. In 2015 he received the honors award for "The best creative use of technology to engage the audience in a story" from SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Oleg approaches every project with passion, creativity, dedication and experience. His interests outside of work include art, yoga, personal development, modern cinematography and photography.
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